Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade and/or downgrade my membership at any time?

You can upgrade your membership at any time and the cost of the upgrade will be prorated through the end of your current membership term. If you would like to downgrade you can do so at the time of renewal.

Do I have to have a booking engine to list on bnbfinder?

No, you are not required to have a booking engine or to be bookable online to be a member of bnbfinder. We will simply direct travelers to your website link and/or telephone number to contact you to book directly.

Do I have to be bookable on any other sites to list on bnbfinder?


Do I have to have a website to list on bnbfinder?

While we always recommend you have your own website, that is not required to be a member of bnbfinder. A fully utilized comprehensive listing on bnbfinder can share a lot of great information with potential guests whether you have a website or you don’t. If you do not have your own website we will simply direct travelers to call you directly to make a reservation.


Will bnbfinder continue to list properties in Canada?

Yes. bnbfinder offers listings to US and Canadian properties as well as properties throughout the world.

What are the plans for bnbfinder in terms of marketing it to travelers?

We are always looking for and at all available marketing opportunities for bnbfinder. This includes but is not limited to regular placements on television’s hit game show, Wheel of Fortune, regular Social Media postings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, innkeeper and traveler facing newsletters, Pay Per Click advertising, industry partnerships, press releases and more.

How does bnbfinder show up in the search engines?

We have and continue to invest heavily in SEO work here at bnbfinder. We now show as one of the first results on Google for the term “Bed and Breakfast” and are continuing to implement our ongoing SEO work to ensure the site consistently comes up near the top when anyone is looking for a B&B or inn. We are committed to continuing to fine-tune and optimize our SEO to gain further visibility and exposure for our members. Through our extensive efforts during the pandemic, our team has been able to increase our site’s placement, visibility and traffic substantially over the levels of traffic and visibility the site has seen historically.

Do you think B&B travel is decreasing and B&B travelers are a thing of the past? It seems like hotels have been commanding the lion’s share of lodging guests.

No, in fact with the Coronavirus global pandemic, we believe that once travelers begin traveling again (and they will!), B&B travel will become one of the more popular forms of travel. We think travelers will make a seismic shift and seek accommodations that are smaller, more intimate and absent of large crowds of people. Industry comments have also indicated that more folks than ever will be looking for shorter getaways that they can drive to as well as for higher “value” - all things bed and breakfasts are perfect for. We believe there will be a renewed interest in smaller lodging options and we feel that professionally operating B&Bs and inns are best positioned to increase their share of guests. We’re excited to champion B&Bs and Inns now more than ever.

Do you partner with B&B's for Vets?

We at bnbfinder are great supporters of the B&Bs for Vets program. We are offering as much promotional support of the program as we can. However, while bnbfinder is a powerful directory of inns and B&Bs; we do not own any of these properties, so we don’t have any rooms available to include in the promotion. We encourage you to visit for the most up to date list of rooms available in the B&Bs for Vets promotion. This site serves as the clearinghouse for all rooms available, and we know the good folks running the campaign are adding new inns and B&Bs to the list all the time.


Is traffic improving on bnbfinder?

The bnbfinder website that existed when we purchased the company had many issues. As a result, it didn’t make sense to pay for traffic only to have the site visitor get to bnbfinder and have challenges using the antiquated site and disappointing the traveler. Thus, shortly after buying the company in April 2019, we made the decision to completely redesign & rebuild the bnbfinder website from the ground up using the latest best-in-class technology. In that process, we built SEO into the new site from the ground up and did a much more thorough job of optimizing the website for SEO, which had not been the case with the old site. The work there is ongoing, however, and we are continually implementing additional ways to optimize and enhance and improve our SEO. We pledge to our past, current and future members that they will see traffic and reservations increase as our new website grows and we continue implementing the SEO work in our development que.

How can I track the performance of my listing?

With the new website having launched in October 2019, we continue to optimize, make improvements and add enhancements. We will build a robust dashboard where you will be able to track the performance of your listing and how you can improve your reach. bnbfinder also recommends that all members work with their web marketing company or webmaster to install and use Google Analytics on their websites. This free and powerful tool, if configured properly, offers incredible and invaluable insight into your inn's marketing. With Google Analytics, we are confident that you will see our traffic increasing and if you're able to track revenue, the revenue we will be sending you will increase as well...


Is bnbfinder just for B&Bs and Inns or is it going to allow hotels, vacation rentals, etc.?

bnbfinder is and will remain a website dedicated to promoting professionally operating inns & B&B's. All applications for membership are subject to bnbfinder review process to ensure that your property meets the specifications of a bed and breakfast or country inn type property. Eligible properties must be less than 40 rooms unless they are historic in nature (greater than 50 years old). The primary listing for an eligible property will be in the city or town where it is physically located. Breakfast must be served or available on request and can be included in the price or available at an extra charge. Rooms must be individually decorated.

Additionally, properties that are part of large chains with similar decor/architecture do not qualify. These include, but are not limited to: hotels/motels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, apartments and RV parks.

If one company owns several inns, each property must be listed separately with its own bnbfinder membership. bnbfinder reserves the right to refuse membership to any property.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. bnbfinder memberships no longer require a one-year annual contract. Instead, in an effort to afford our members greater flexibility, we now work with members on a month-to-month basis meaning you can cancel at any time.

Will my membership automatically renew?

Yes. All bnbfinder memberships automatically renew on the same annual or monthly term upon the end of the prior year’s membership. We will notify you via email prior to your membership renewing and you may choose to opt out.

Can I switch from monthly payments to annual payments and save money?

Of course! You can switch from monthly payments to annual payments and will receive a prorated savings on the remaining annual payment.

What happens if I sell my B&B/inn? Can I get a pro-rated refund?

Yes, if your property sells while you have a membership you can cancel your listing if you do not want to pass it to the new owners. If you have paid annually you will receive a prorated refund for the remaining time left on your membership. If when your inn sells it will continue to operate as a lodging property, we think it makes sense to keep the marketing intact and include the marketing you have in place in the sale price of the property.

Do you have seasonal memberships?

Yes, by eliminating the annual listing requirement like we have, we’ve made working with us much more flexible so much so that inns can work with bnbfinder on a seasonal basis.

Do you have discounts for multi-property memberships?

Please contact our sales team at for more information on multiple property listings.

What makes you different than

bnbfinder is not but combined, our ownership and core team have over 50 years of experience working for and operating that company. In that time, we acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge from our members with regard to products, services and support that travelers and innkeepers like as well as dislike. Based on this vast experience, we intend to bring you many of the familiar products and services that you enjoyed while with, but in new and improved upon ways.

Our commitment to our members is simple. We want to bring new and existing business to you directly without competing with you for placement in the most relevant keywords in pay per click advertising. We want you to own the relationship with your guest. We want you to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with you. We feel with those commitments we can bring you a best-in-class website that supplies a material amount of guests all while helping you grow your business in the ways you want it to grow.


Can you adjust my display location on the map?

Maps for search are based on a latitude and longitude of the address that Google has for your property location. We use the address you entered when you joined. If you'd like to adjust your location on your map, login to your property details and you can adjust to the correct address there.

When does my listing go live?

You control when your listing goes live on the site. You are able to build your listing prior to paying for a subscription so you can see how it will appear on bnbfinder. If you paid prior to building your listing, you just need to log in and add your property’s details to complete it. Once you pay for your subscription and have built your listing, you can immediately publish it to the website to make it “live” on bnbfinder.

Can I update my photos whenever I want to or does bnbfinder have to do that for me?

You may update photos and content at any time. To make edits, simply log in, unpublish your listing (if it’s live), make and save your edits, and then “publish” your listing again. We’re glad to help you with this, too. Just email for assistance.

Can I call bnbfinder and actually talk to somebody?

Of course! We’d love to talk with you. Please keep in mind we are a small staff so you may get our voice mail at times, but our goal is to return all calls within one business day.

Will you have an online chat feature to get help?

We don't currently have an online chat feature but are looking into options as we continue to improve our customer support experience.

Which browser is best to use when I'm updating my listing?

Google Chrome is best to use.


Will properties that are not located in my city or town be placed above my property listing in bnbfinder’s search results?

No! When a traveler searches for your city properties physically in that city will show first in order of their membership level. Nearby properties will be listed below properties that are actually in the city being searched, again, by membership level.

How is the sort order determined within levels and will it randomly rotate?

The sort order will be based on membership level first followed by the distance the property is to the geographical center of the city/town being searched.

Will my property show up in nearby cities? If yes, do I have to pay for that?

Yes, your property will show up as a “nearby property” within a radius and there is no additional charge for that.

What is the search radius?

The search radius is determined by the search type input by the traveler. For example, if a traveler searches for Austin, TX", the radius will be the bounding box of Austin, as determined by Google places.

Will properties not in the primary search area rotate ahead or display above properties that are in the primary search area, e.g. if someone is searching Chicago, IL, and there are properties in Chicago but also in a suburb, will those suburban properties rotate ahead of the Chicago properties?

No. Properties in the primary city that is searched will appear first in the search.

If a traveler filters by specific property amenities, will it also display properties that do not have those amenities? For example, would there be a message such as “these properties do not have all the amenities you are searching, but do match some?

The search will only display properties that offer the amenities being searched, but only if the property has selected those amenities to display on their listing.

If a traveler filters by specific property amenities, will it also display properties that do not have those amenities? For example, would there be a message such as “these properties do not have all the amenities you are searching, but do match some?

The search will only display properties that offer the amenities being searched, but only if the property has selected those amenities to display on their listing.

Can a traveler search by a region or does it have to be a specific city? For example, can a traveler search Yellowstone National Park?

Yes. The bnbfinder search functionality is not limited to cities, states, towns and zip codes. The bnbfinder search supports any "region" that the Google Places API supports. This includes destinations like National Parks including "Yellowstone National Park".

Gift Cards

Is participation in the bnbfinder Getaway Gift Card™ program required with membership?

No, although we do recommend you accept Gift Cards to generate new customers, it is not required.

What is the cost to redeem a bnbfinder Gift Card?

The Bnbfinder Getaway Gift Card™ program is now a commission-free program for members! Non-members may participate in the program at a 10% commission.

A credit card & Stripe payment processing fee of 3.5% applies to all redemptions and is deducted from the redemption amount paid to the innkeeper. In order to qualify for the 3.5% processing fee, the participating member must display and link a bnbfinder badge on their website with it linking to their listing on bnbfinder. A 10% commission applies for any redeemed GC in the case of the property not wanting to display and link the bnbfinder badge.

Innkeepers that utilize the automatic bank payments via ACH incur no additional fees. Innkeepers that utilize payments by check incur a $25/fee per payment.

How do I lookup the balance of my GCs?

There is a Lookup Gift Card portal here where you sign in, enter the Gift Card Certificate Number, and click Lookup.

Can I redeem GCs on your website?

Absolutely. It's quick & easy! There is no need to find an envelope and stamp and wait for your payment because you aren't mailing anything to us. There is a Redeem Gift Card portal here where you sign in, enter the redemption codes, amount you would to redeem, and optionally add notes for the redemption. You can also email us at to redeem directly with a support agent!

How long will it take to get a GC payment?

To minimize costs, allowing us to remove the 15% commission, bnbfinder processes all gift card redemptions twice a month. Payments are made within 5 business days of the 15th of the month and the last day of the month.

How do you pay out for GCs?

bnbfinder gift cards are paid automatically by either ACH at no additional cost or by check for a $25 fee. To sign up for the ACH payment method, please email to request access.

What if I don't have all the certificate details?

Just provide everything you can. We don’t want to make this process complicated. As long as we can find the details, we will process the payment! Our new certificates only have two identification numbers, and don't require any physical card to be present. We want this to be easy for you, and the Traveler - send us what you have and we will do everything we can to figure out the rest for you.

When can I redeem a certificate?

We ask that you redeem a gift certificate as quickly after you get the details as possible - this will limit any issues with proper funding of the stay when the Traveler arrives. Because we currently redeem via email, and have employees all over the world, you can submit a certificate for redemption any time of day or night!

What if I don't have a bank account for direct deposit?

We can still send you a printed check - however, a $25 fee applies to cover the extra costs we incur to manually handle this process.

ACH - I just received an email from Stripe. Who is Stripe? Is this email real?

We work with a third-party merchant provider for monetary transactions on the site called Stripe. Updating information about your account is important and required. These updates help protect against fraud and keep your account current with global Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

ACH - Why am I being asked for information about who owns and manages my company?

In certain countries, Stripe is required to collect, verify, and maintain information about a company’s beneficial owners and directors. These requirements come from government regulators and help promote transparency and prevent financial crimes.

ACH - What happens if I do not update my information by the deadline?

No problem. It just means that until you do we will pay all gift card redemptions via check and a $25 fee will apply. So update your banking info as soon as you can.

ACH - How do I update my information?

Follow the link from Stripe’s email — the form will prompt you with instructions on how to update your information. It should take less than 5 minutes to update your information. If you need help, you can reach out directly to or via chat and phone support.


Will bnbfinder have a reviews program?

While we do not yet have proprietary bnbfinder reviews, we currently display Google and TripAdvisor ratings for individual properties. In the future, we have plans to create and launch our own in-house reviews program.

Can I link my Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook reviews to my listing on bnbfinder?

We currently support Google reviews and Tripadvisor reviews. Additionally, we support linking to all your social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & YouTube.


Will travelers be able to book on bnbfinder?

Reservations are not made on bnbfinder, but on the property’s website using the property’s booking engine. bnbfinder plans to eventually create a best-in-class online reservations program to send the travelers directly to you to complete their booking. This allows you to deal directly with YOUR guests, process their payment yourself, on your time to help better manage your cash flow, and will allow you to more easily market directly to your guests in your future marketing efforts.


What are bnbfinder's terms of use?

Referral Program

How do I refer another inn to join bnbfinder?

Login to your IK dashboard and click on “Account”. Just below your account information you’ll see a referral code that looks like this Account Code: 01F0EAEB8DTD1066E4NNB6KA9V. Just send that code to the property you’re referring and they can enter it in the promotion code field when they are joining.

When will I see the 3 months for free get added to my account?

Once a month, bnbfinder will manually add the additional three months of membership for all referred and referring properties.

Is there a limit on how many inns I can refer?

There’s NO limit to how many inns you can refer to bnbfinder for membership! You’ll earn three free months for every inn that signs up with your referral code! The property being referred will also receive the three months of membership for free as a result of your referral.

What if I referred a property before today?

Not a problem! Just have the property that and include your referral code. We’ll add the three free months for your property and the property you previously referred.

What do I do if the referral code doesn't work?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or need help with your code just call (212) 480-0414 or email us at for assistance.

If I’m paying monthly, when do the additional three free months get applied to my membership?

The additional three months for free will be added to the end of your membership term. For example, if your membership originally expired in March 2021, the new expiration date will be June 2021 and you will not be charged during the additional three month period.