bnbfinder Diamond Collection FAQ

Interested in joining the bnbfinder Diamond Collection, but have some questions? Look no further — the answers are found below!

Why become a member?

If you know that your inn is among the best properties in your town, joining the bnbfinder Diamond Collection is the perfect way to let your potential guests know this, too. Travelers seek properties that have been inspected, have great consumer reviews, plus offer modern amenities such as online reservations, free Wi-Fi, jetted spa tubs and first-rate hospitality. Once guests have experienced one bnbfinder Diamond Collection inn, they’ll be looking for a similar experience on their next getaway. By showcasing your property as premier inn on bnbfinder, you’ll get the highest level of exposure we offer leading to the most opportunity for bookings.

What do I get for the extra money?

Rotational placement as the “hero image” on the bnbfinder home page linking directly to your member listing. Top placement with the largest image on yourstate, region, city and nearby city search result pages. Diamond Collection member logo on your listing commanding extra attention for your property. Exclusive coverage on the bnbfinder Diamond Collection member’s page. A blog posting created by bnbfinder during your membership term that is entirely focused on your inn including a 20-45 second video that is shared out via our social channels. bnbfinder Diamond Collection newsletter. You’ll receive a badge for your website and a certificate to display at your inn. As the program grows, we’ll be working on and adding more great features innkeepers will love.

The monthly price for Diamond is a lot more than your other membership levels. What will I get for that higher monthly fee?

You’re not just paying for a higher level — you’re part of an exclusive group of inns that represent the best of the best, from the required inspection to the checklist of required amenities. The cost for the bnbfinder Diamond Collection can be paid annually saving you two monthly membership payments and giving you three months of membership for free. Or, to help with budgeting, you can also elect to pay monthly.

When will my listing go live at the Diamond level?

If you are an existing member and your listing is currently live on the site, your listing will go live as soon as your payment has been processed. If you’re a new member to bnbfinder, your listing will go live as soon as you’ve published your listing on our site yourself via your dashboard, or within 24 hours of you requesting us to set your listing live.

If I am not a current member of bnbfinder, can I still join the Diamond Collection?

If you are not currently a member of bnbfinder, you are absolutely welcome to join as a bnbfinder Diamond Collection member. Simply select that option when you’re signing up.

Will you be printing a book?

No. bnbfinder Diamond Collection members will receive far more trackable exposure via the bnbfinder website and its partner sites than could be achieved by a printed book with limited circulation. In addition, online marketing ensures that members benefit immediately — no need for the delay of a printed publication.

Is this program only available in the U.S.?

Yes, we are currently offering this program to US-based members. We have intentions of expanding this program internationally in the future.

Will there be any additional exposure outside of higher placement and the bnbfinder Diamond Collection member page?

Yes! bnbfinder Diamond Collection members will be more prominently featured in our social media efforts, our PR efforts and likewise, have first opportunity to be featured in any additional opportunities we create. In the coming year, we will launch a bnbfinder Diamond Collection blog where members will be able to submit specials, packages and newsworthy events taking place at your inn as well as participate in member spotlight features. bnbfinder Diamond Collection members will stand out on the site with their larger listings and additional photos and content, too. Just as we do for all of our members, we will continue to look for additional ways to provide increased exposure for our bnbfinder Diamond Collection members.

Standard and Requirements FAQs

What are the requirements?

To become a bnbfinder Diamond Collection member, you must complete an application, have had a recent inspection, and have the following:

  • Each property must offer the amenities and operating licensing that today’s travelers require including:
    • All current applicable licensing and operating permits
    • Daily breakfast included in room rate
    • Secure online reservations
    • Free internet for guests
    • Concierge services
    • Private bathrooms in the majority of room options
    • Liability insurance coverage with at least US $1 million of comprehensive business liability
    • Professional photos and website
    • Flexible check–in and guaranteed late arrival
    • Staffing seven days a week from 6AM to 8PM
    • 24-hour guest access to service and staff
    • Proactively maintain a high level of guest satisfaction
  • Each member is expected to maintain a review average of 4.0 or higher across the major review channels including TripAdvisor and Google

If you have any questions about these criteria, please contact us by dialing 1-212-480-0414 ext 104.

What do you mean when you say "Private Bathrooms?"

Consumers have told us for years that they prefer to stay at properties offering accommodations with private bathrooms. Every bnbfinder Diamond Collection member must offer rooms with the majority having private bathrooms. We do not require that every guest room have a private ensuite bath, but that the majority of your rooms do.

What qualifies as "Online Reservations?"

If you offer the ability for guests to see real time availability, and book specific dates, then you qualify. The online booking option must be PCI compliant and offer a secure environment so that guests’ credit card security is not at risk.

What qualifies as "Professional Photos?"

Photos from industry experts such as Jumping Rocks, Christian Gianelli or Elizabeth Campbell certainly qualify. We understand that many innkeepers are also hobby photographers though, so this is a grey area. If you have photos you took yourself, and you think that they are on par with some of the photographs from our list of experts, let us know — we’ll take a look and let you know if they will work. Our goal isn’t to force you to use one of our list of experts, but it is an investment that will pay for itself many times over, and we want our bnbfinder Diamond Collection to present itself in the best way possible. Photos must be high resolution so that interested guests can get a good idea of what their experience during their stay with you will look like.

What is "Flexible Check-in or Late Arrival?"

We understand that your inn isn’t likely a 24 hr/day business, but we expect that bnbfinder Diamond Collection properties have a solution in place for late check-ins. Properties should offer normal guest check-in until at least 8 p.m. local time, and have a plan in place that is well-communicated to guests for check-ins after this time. This can include options such as a key lock-box, electronic keypad entry door locks, to full-time staffing. Our goal is for guests to be comfortable that they can arrive late without the fear of being locked out. As long as you have a plan in place that you communicate to guests to make it easy for them to check in if you are unavailable, then you qualify for this. This does not require you to let guests check in early, although flexibility in this regard is helpful.

What about 24 hr/day guest accessibility to service or staff?

Although room service is not required, we ask that you provide guests an emergency contact number should something come up. We’ve heard that guests can sometimes feel abandoned if something goes wrong. While we don’t want to change the private and personal feel of a B&B, we definitely want guests to feel assured by our bnbfinder Diamond Collection members that if something were to go wrong, there is someone who is only a phone call away who can help them fix it.

Am I required to accept bnbfinder Gift Cards to participate as a bnbfinder Diamond Collection member?

No. While we encourage and would love for all bnbfinder Diamond Collection members to accept bnbfinder Gift Cards, we do not require it in the program. We expect members who participate in the GC program to see greater exposure as a result of their participation in the program and would encourage all our members to take advantage of this.

Inspection FAQs

What inspections will qualify my property for bnbfinder Diamond Collection membership?

  • AAA Three Diamond rating or higher
  • Forbes (formerly Mobil) Three Star rating or higher
  • Relais and Chateaux
  • Select Registry
  • Your state association inspection if offered — these are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine the extent of the inspection
  • bnbfinder Diamond Collection membership circa 2015 or later.
  • If you’ve been inspected by another agency that you feel might qualify your inn for membership in the bnbfinder Diamond Collection, send that to for consideration.

If your property has not been inspected by one of the organizations mentioned above, as an alternative, we can also accept the following:

  • TripAdvisor Award of Excellence if current and received the past three or more consecutive years.