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bnbfinder is building the largest online platform for professionally operating inns, B&Bs and small boutique lodging and is dedicated to promoting direct, commission-free bookings. Our mission is simple - to be the bed and breakfast industry's largest source for commission-free, direct bookings.

Despite the fact that we're competing head to head with many multi-billion dollar, big, trendy-named travel corporations, by coming together, supporting and sticking together as an industry, we feel our mission should be your mission and is one that is attainable.

We Can't Do it Without YOU!

The team at bnbfinder believes that the professionally operating inn, B&B and small boutique hotel and independent lodging industry has been over-marginalized, over-commoditized, and all but overrun by the OTAs where low price and high volume/high commission reservations rule the day.

With strong participation and support from the industry and with our experienced team that has over 100 years of collective industry experience, bnbfinder will become the go-to resource for travelers to find and book directly with a B&B, inn or small boutique hotel.

Together we will build a globally facing platform that encourages travelers to look to bnbfinder as the best resource to book travel to B&B, Inns, and small boutique hotels.

bnbfinder's Position on Covid-19

We believe strongly that B&Bs, Inns, and small boutique lodging should be the go-to form of lodging for travelers in the post-Coronavirus resurgence in travel. Safety, convenience, and value rule the day. Travelers who historically flew to their destination and stayed in large hotels and resorts with hundreds, even thousands of guests, will lag behind small lodging as folks look to avoid larger crowds and continue to observe social distancing recommendations.

In addition, we believe travelers have become more interested in places that are smaller and more intimate. The natural choice in lodging will be small lodging and that's exactly who we are here to promote.

Ways bnbfinder is promoting B&B travel in spite of Covid-19

8/5/2021 - Now that many of the lockdowns and more severe travel restrictions seem to have eased and are hopefully behind us, bnbfinder continues to promote small, boutique lodging, in particular professionally operating inns and B&Bs, to the growing number of travelers relying on bnbfinder to find their best lodging option. We continue to be pleased by selling more and more bnbfinder Gift Cards which can be redeemed at any of our participating members atjust a small 3.5% processing fee that covers our cost of selling the cards. We continue to enhance and improve our website to make it easier for travelers to find us and ultimately find you. As a member of bnbfinder, be sure to learn about our Referral Program which is an easy way to earn yourself free membership and help us build our community of great inns and B&Bs.

3/27/2020 – With national coronavirus social distancing guidelines extended to April 30th by the current administration and with more than 50% of the US population under “stay at home” orders by their state, we aren’t to a point where we can tactfully encourage and promote travel. Doing so right now would be reckless and detrimental to the country's efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.

That said, we're working hard and adding functionality to our member’s listings that will enable them to keep travelers up-to-date on the current situations at their inns. We're also in the process of creating blog postings that will educate travelers why professionally operating inns, B&Bs and small boutique hotels will be “the” travel option once the world starts traveling again.

Finally, we will immediately begin promoting B&B Industry Travel Gift Cards to travelers who are stuck at home dreaming of their next getaway on the internet. If you aren't signed up to accept bnbfinder gift cards, then don't miss this opportunity and do so here.